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If you had asked me a year ago that I would’ve published a book, I wouldn’t have believed you. But look where we are now!

I knew from the beginning what kind of story I wanted to tell. My book was going to be a fantasy story with a cast of diverse characters, without their diversity and sexuality being the main focus. 

I’ve learned so much writing For Ever. So much about my own writing process, and what kind of stories I like to tell. And I’ve grown hopelessly attached to all these characters. It’s true what they say: they really do feel like your babies!




I’m so glad we started this project. Making around 30 illustration for the book was definitely challenging. But it also taught me so much!

I learned a lot of new skills, and learned more about who I am and want to be as an illustrator. For example, I had no idea that I liked drawing backgrounds so much. I used to draw mostly pretty ladies (which are still very great to draw), but now I know how therapeutic it can be to draw a page full of plants.

I’m really passionate about this book. That motivated me while I was working on it, knowing I really wanted this book to exist. I love how I got to bring it to live with my art, and I think it turned out great!

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